Couple and Relationship Therapy

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Intimate relationships are some of the most dynamic and fulfilling relationships we have as human beings. We each come with complex inner worlds, diverse experiences and differing values, which certainly can cloud efforts to communicate. It's no wonder it can be a challenge to feel heard or understood by our partners! Couple's therapy can be a helpful tool to understand the true message we are trying to communicate, to better understand our partner's message and to develop a preferred way to express this message within the relationship. It also offers an opportunity to unite and bond with our partner(s) over shared efforts to connect emotionally. My role as a couple's therapist is to support partners in slowly building toward new and different possibilities for the relationship.

Holding Hands

Common Areas Explored In Couple's Therapy

  • Communication

  • Family and relationship conflict

  • Life-transitions

  • Separation and divorce

  • Infidelity

  • Shame

  • Stress

  • Sex and sexuality

  • Gender roles

  • Healing from shared or individual traumas


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